The Readers are the Gatekeepers Now

Friday, April 13, 2012

Status of the blog

This blog is going on hiatus. Increasingly, my thinking tends toward viewing text-based fiction as either artifacts of an earlier technological age, or light entertainment read on the iPhone while waiting for something more important to do. I don't see the fiction-book-publishing industry surviving in its current form for any great length of time. Those publishers will find something else to do, or they'll lose their separate identities within their "conglomerates." (Not a word of my choosing, but the major commentators in the ebook world seem to like it...) As I'm primarily interested in text-based fiction, I'll be on the prowl for any new iterations. Already, in the observations of self-publishing gurus like Dean Wesley Smith, we're seeing encouragement for the "unwashed masses" of ebook authors to right-size their texts to their stories. I suspect this is the tip of the iceberg, where exciting forms of text-base fiction will originate. Already, I'm finding the linear thinking necessary to read (or create) the dead-tree book dated. If someone in my age group -- the demographic for ereaders -- can find it so, what must younger people be thinking? (We know: many of them don't read. The educational brainwashing which has convinced generations of students that to read fiction is to be cultured may slowly die away. ) I'm going to be concentrating on new permutations in storytelling, in all its non-mass media splendour. You know ... the type of stuff the interwebs were supposed to enable in the first place, back when they were shiny and new. When I find something, I'll report back.


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  2. Hi Azarimba!

    I've started favoring audio books now with the earphone in from the Kindle.

  3. Audio books sound like a great way to get two things done at once! As long as you don't forget to put an essential ingredient in your recipe... ;-)